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The real reason for Nadeem Afzal Chan’s resignation

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister continued to be involved in violating party policy

Islamabad Nadeem Afzal Chan’s real reason for separation from the cabinet came to light. According to details, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister and senior PTI leader Nadeem Afzal Chan has resigned from his post.

According to sources, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister was constantly involved in violating the party policy. He decided to resign after being warned by Imran Khan yesterday.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Imran Khan had warned the federal ministers to improve their performance, while also giving the message that any minister who wants to say goodbye to the government can go.

The Prime Minister had made it clear that all ministers must abide by party policy. A minister who cannot abide by party policy should leave the cabinet.

The Prime Minister said that things should be done in accordance with the government policies. The government policies are in the wider interest of the people and they should be implemented.

Ministers should give ownership to government decisions, if they have to oppose the decisions, they should resign. If such a policy is to be maintained, then I will decide for myself whether to keep it in the cabinet or not.

It is to be noted that even after the resignations of Tania Idris and Zafar Mirza last year, news came out that Nadeem Afzal Chan may resign, however, they have now resigned from their posts after being part of the cabinet for several months. The senior leader has also sent his resignation to Prime Minister Imran Khan.


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