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The participation of Israeli teams in the car race in Saudi Arabia revealed.


Israeli drivers run under US and Belgian flags, Saudi officials claim to be aware.

Riyadh (Nexhnews . January 18, 2021) It has been revealed that Israeli drivers also participated in the recent Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia. However, no entry is allowed in Saudi Arabia on an Israeli passport. A total of 9 Israeli drivers took part in the car race. The American newspaper Bloomberg reports that some Israeli drivers came to Saudi Arabia on their national passports.

However, diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel have not been established. Israeli citizens are barred from entering Saudi Arabia. According to Bloomberg, Israeli radio has claimed that the Dakar rally in Saudi Arabia ended on January 15, 2021.

Two Israeli teams also participated in the rally. One Israeli truck took part in the race under the American flag, while the other car team took part in the race under the Belgian flag.

One Israeli team finished 29th in the race, while the other team finished 17th. Israeli radio says Saudi officials had full information about the Israelis. Without their consent, they could not participate in the Israeli race. Nine members of the Israeli team returned to Israel on January 16 after the race ended. An Israeli driver also shared photos of himself with Saudi drivers on social media.

It should be noted that Pierre Sherban, a French motorcyclist, was seriously injured during the seventh round of the Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. Pierre, 52, was being transported to France from Jeddah after the accident when he was killed in an air ambulance en route.



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