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The sugar case has not been filed against Jahangir Tareen but a message has been sent to someone else


The FIR in this case has come from somewhere else. Investigators cannot write in such good English: Arif Hameed Bhatti

Lahore Nexhnews. April 01, 2021) The slogan of not two but one systems seems to be coming true. All the cases registered so far during the three-year rule of PTI are in opposition. The cases against the leaders have been registered but now B cases have been registered against the people of PTI. The sugar case is one of the few major scandals of the PTI government which has shaken the government. Was

The Sugar Commission was formed and its inquiry report also came to light and now an FIR has been registered against all those responsible in this case. All those involved in this case have been given one. Keeping aside, the name of Jahangir Tareen is getting more and more popular in social media and mainstream media. A case has been registered against a powerful person like Jahangir Tareen and a close friend of Imran Khan. Has made a plan to fulfill its promise.

اTalking on the same topic, senior journalist Arif Hameed Bhatti said in his program that it is not a common thing to sue an important person like Jahangir Tareen. In fact, this is not a case against Jahangir Tareen but a message was given to another person. Arif Hameed Bhatti also said that I can challenge that what is written in this FIR was not written by the investigating officer but a draft written from somewhere else. Has come and here only the names have been changed.

He said that these investigating officers could not even write such good English. He said that a lot would come to light in the coming days regarding the mobile phone through which the FIR reached the destination in Islamabad. He was very close to Sahib. A case was registered against him today. This means that a lot is going to change and the political and governmental scenario will be different in the coming days.

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