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Home Health Saudi Arabia develops its own corona vaccine.

Saudi Arabia develops its own corona vaccine.


Clinical trials of the vaccine developed at Imam Abdul Rehman University will begin soon.

Jeddah (Nexhnews – January 16, 2021) At present, there are only a few countries in the world that have developed their own vaccines and they have been introduced around the world after successful experiments.

Saudi Arabia is now second to none in the field of medical science. Saudi Arabia has developed its first vaccine. The vaccine has been developed entirely in the country without any help from outside experts.

According to Saudi media, the first corona vaccine in the history of the kingdom has been developed at Imam Abdul Rahman University, and its clinical trials will begin soon to test its effects.In this regard, Imam Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal University has given the good news that a team from the Medical Research Institute of the University has succeeded in making a vaccine.

The university’s Twitter account said that for several weeks a team of Saudi experts, led by Dr. Iman al-Mansour, had been experimenting with vaccine development at the national level.Which has finally succeeded.

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