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Loss of online classes, video of female professor calling students edit goes viral.

London ( Nexhnews latest. 13 January 2021) The moment proved to be very horrible for the female professor when she shared the video of the lecture on the online portal and uploaded the video in which she is telling her students to edit.

And as a result of this humiliation, she called her students ‘edit’ and also used other obscene words. Accidentally recorded.

And after the video was recorded, it was uploaded on the online portal of the students of the bioscience class of the University of Cardiff.

As soon as the students saw this video, they started sharing it online and in an instant, the video went viral everywhere.

The students in the box started shouting that they would protest against me and file a petition on the portal. Yes or no, so they want to protest against me.

While discussing this issue with fellow professors, the female professor got angry and abused her students.

She also accidentally recorded this video and accidentally uploaded it on the online portal which was made viral by the students.

Students protested, saying they had lost trust in their teachers, especially Professor Dr. McCarthy, who called his students editors, while the university administration said. That they are investigating the matter and only then will any action be taken.

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