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Good news for immigrants and locals in Saudi Arabia

  The high-speed Haramain train between Makkah and Madinah resumed after two and a half years. The governor of Makkah made the Haramain terminal operational...

The Prime Minister is angry these days

Imran Khan tells his informal visitors that they have betrayed him and have spent Rs 76 billion on BRT of Rs 16 billion. Senior...

Four Pakistanis living in Saudi Arabia have been arrested for criminal activities

Pakistani suspects used to steal and sell construction materials from buildings under construction, committing incidents worth 325,000 riyals Riyadh (Nexhnews. March 31, 2021) Millions of...

Iran and also the U.S. came face to face, something will happen in twenty four hours

  Whether or not Trump's decide to push the planet into a nuclear war can come back to fruition WASHINGTON ( Nexhnews) the planet is afraid...

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