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A young boy drowned in a flood in Saudi Arabia due to torrential rains.


After several days of trying, the police finally found the body of the unfortunate boy.

Riyadh (Nexhnews latest January 13, 2021) Saudi Arabia has been experiencing torrential rains for several days, which has caused floods in many areas. A Saudi boy has drowned in the Shoaib Madar Valley near the Saudi city of Hail.

This incident happened a few days ago. The body of this unfortunate boy has finally been found. According to Saudi media, the search for the boy who was swept away in the flood relay had been going on for several days.

A young boy drowned in a flood in Saudi Arabia due to torrential rains.

In addition to the Civil Defense Department, several teams of National Guard and other security agencies and volunteers were constantly searching for his body.

Which has been successful. The body of the deceased boy has been handed over to his parents who are in a state of shock. Condolences on the death of the young man continue to flow on social media.

On the other hand, the Meteorological Department has warned them not to leave their homes unnecessarily in case of bad weather during the next four days.

The Meteorological Department will continue to provide weather information on social media websites from time to time.

The Department of Civil Defense has asked locals and migrants to avoid heading to valleys and low-lying areas during the rains and not to go for any picnic. This is because water accumulation in low-lying areas can cause severe problems for drivers.

In particular, vehicle wipers should be checked before traveling as it is very difficult to drive when the wiper is damaged in case of rain and the chances of accidents increase. All drivers should not exceed the speed limit and it is best to stay away from flood prone areas. Because in the past, many tourists and drivers have lost their lives in the valleys during the rains.


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